Consumer Brands

Shaw Wallace Ceylon Ltd is one of the leading FMCG brand owners and distributors in the country, which sources, manufactures and markets a range of food and beverage products: namely canned Fish, Soya, Cereals, Snacks, confectionery, fruit Beverages and culinary products. The company also exports a range of ethnic foods.

Distribution capabilities

Our grocery network distributes directly to over 70,000 outlets and indirectly to over 100,000 across Sri Lanka, assisted and monitored by over 160 company salesmen. A state of the art sales force, in order to maintain consistent, accurate and rapid delivery. Furthermore, Shaw Wallace Ceylon’s Modern trade network covers all retail supermarket channels in Sri Lanka with a strong presence in its availability and merchandising. We also are equally strong in the Food Service sector.

Facilities and Infrastructure

The warehouse complex is a 80,000 sq ft facility on a large area of land designed to cater to the company’s needs over the years. A fully fledged fleet of lorries and prime movers cater to our delivery requirements thus ensuring that products and service continue uninterrupted.

For more information on our range of FMCG products please visit www.renukafoods.com