1975 : Renuka Enterprises Ltd is established by Mrs. I. Renuka Rajiyah and within the first three years of operations becomes one of the leading exporters of agriculture commodities – desiccated coconut and spices from Sri Lanka. The export business grows by 500% in the first 3 years, paving the way for investments in other areas.

1976: Renuka House, an office and warehouse building is constructed in Colombo 2.

1978: Dr. S. Ranjit Rajiyah, a medical doctor by profession, joins the business. Renuka Holdings Ltd is incorporated to act as a promoter for infrastructure development projects such as the construction of the Mahaweli dams, with foreign partners. The Kent warehouse complex is constructed in Colombo 09.

1980: Renuka Teas Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd commences as a producer and exporter of Ceylon Tea bags from Sri Lanka.

1982: Renuka Agro Exports (Pvt) Ltd pioneers the manufacture of creamed coconut in Sri Lanka.

1989: The Cargo Boat Despatch Company Investments Ltd is acquired engaged in investments.

History of The Cargo Boat Despatch

1866: The Cargo Boat Despatch Company is formed.

1936: A.L. Thambiayah acquires The Cargo Boat Despatch Company and grows it to the forefront of shipping, accounting for the bulk of the functions of the port of Colombo at the time of nationalization of cargo operations in 1958.

1960: Thambiayah whose companies were significant shareholders in Millers and Cargills Ceylon, is appointed chairman and managing director on the demise of Sir Chittampalam Gardiner, with whom he founded Ceylon Theaters Ltd in 1928.

1969: Renuka Hotels is built, on a family property, named after his youngest daughter Indu Renuka.

1980: The Cargo Boat Development PLC constructs one of the first high rises in Colombo Fort.

1989: A restructure takes place, the companies and assets of The Cargo Boat Despatch Group being divided among the children of Mr. A L Thambiayah.

1989: Kandy Plantations Ltd is incorporated to venture into organic cultivation and processing; the company goes on to establish Sri Lanka’s largest organic certified coconut farm.

History of Kandy Plantations

1925: Kandy Plantations traces its origins to R. Ramasamy who ventures into the business of planting and managing Coconut, Spices and Tea in the central region. Her daughter and husband, the Rajiyah’s continued to oversee this operation which grew to over 3500 acres of the finest crops; some of the estates were Uplands, Sunderland, Selegama, Yatawatte, and Wiharagama.

1976: Nationalization of plantations takes places leaving only 100 acres of the original lands in family hands.

1990: Renuka Foods PLC (formerly known as Coco Lanka PLC) is established and becomes the leading manufacturer of value added coconut based food products.

1994: Renuka Foods PLC is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange under the Food and Beverage sector.

2003: The business of Renuka Foods PLC is expanded by its subsidiary Renuka Agri Foods PLC, commissioning a state-of-the-art Coconut based food and coconut water beverage manufacturing facility

2008: Renuka Holdings PLC is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange and becomes the holding company.

2010: Renuka Agri Foods PLC is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange.

2011: The Shaw Wallace & Hedges Group is acquired consisting of Shaw Wallace Ceylon Ltd, Shaw Wallace and Hedges Ltd and Shaw Wallace Properties Ltd. The companies purchased are integrated into the group.

History of Shaw Wallace & Hedges

1886: Shaw Wallace & Co is formed in India as agents, importers, exporters and plantation owners.

1909: Shaw Wallace is set up in Ceylon as the local arm of the international firm, to engage in imports and exports.

1954: Shaw Wallace and Lee Hedges (Est 1866) are amalgamated to form Shaw Wallace & Hedges Ltd, which subsequently merges with Bois Brothers (Est 1891).

2003: The company is restructured and separated to different entities, the Shaw Wallace & Hedges Group taking over business operations except Lee Hedges.

2012: The Baseline Business Center, a state-of-the-art 61000 Sq.ft. office building in Colombo 08, is constructed.

2012: Richlife Dairies Ltd, Sri Lanka’s first UHT Dairy milk manufacturer and a leading brand of dairy products is acquired.

2013: Shaw Wallace Ceylon Ltd acquires a leading snacks brand & builds a state of art extruded, baked and fried snacks manufacturing facility.

2014: Renuka Agri Organics Ltd acquires Unagahadeniya Desiccated Coconut Mills (est. 1961) and opens an expanded Virgin Coconut Oil manufacturing facility.

2015: Renuka Teas Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd expands its portfolio to also become a manufacturer & exporter of Super Foods.

2016: Coco Lanka (Pvt) Ltd commences establishment of a greenfield drip irrigation organic farm of Coconut & Cashew.

2016: Shaw Wallace Investments PLC, established in 1958, is acquired. The company is an investment trust.

2018: Galle Face Properties Ltd commences construction of the “Galle Face Icon” a high rise office and leisure project in the Central Business District of Colombo.

2019: Shaw Wallace Ceylon Ltd which is already the market leader in the canned fish segment sets up a fish canning facility.

2019: Renuka Agri Foods PLC commissions new aseptic production lines significantly increasing the capacity of liquid coconut milk and water products.

2021: Renuka Agri Foods PLC commissions a fully integrated state of the art primary processing facility in the export processing zone.

2021: Galle Face Capital Partners PLC established in 1920 is acquired, The company is engaged in portfolio management.