Our Facilities

Tea Grading


The finest Ceylon teas are sourced through the oldest auction in the world- the Colombo Tea auction and the teas are carefully selected depending on each client’s preference in terms of grades.


Our dedicated Tea department staff is responsible for selecting the finest blends at our in- house tea grading room to better ensure that only the finest Ceylon teas are exported to our valued clients worldwide




Renuka Teas Ceylon Ltd undertakes the production and export of our Tea products. Our capabilities include bulk tea packing, Production of Tea bags- single and double chamber and also loose tea packing.


Renuka Teas Ceylon is certified HACCP and BRC.



In evaluating the quality of tea, our tea experts give consideration to the variety of tea, the region where the tea was grown, the stage of picking of the leaves and the tea manufacturing process.

Two further tests help in determining the quality and the taste of the tea brew and these are:

The Scientific Test:
A critical assessment of the quality of the tea by chemical and physical means such as an analysis of the chemical composition of the tea and other tests.

The Sensory Test:
Classification of the quality of the tea by way of the senses – the taste, smell, the physical feel of the leaves to the touch, and the appearance of the tea which includes the shape, size and color of the leaves. This sensory test is a subjective evaluation of the quality of the tea and is the result of the knowledge and experience of our expert tea tasters.



Our R&D team continuously strives to bring out new products and in the case for tea new packaging, new flavored varieties etc are formulated and forward to marketing for feasibility studies.