Our Channels
Retail Division

Our product range offers a wide spectrum of choices to cater to the retail industry. Attractive packagings conforming to International labeling regulations, choice of pack sizes optimizing usage of shelf space etc are vital aspects to the growing demand of the retail market.

Our products share shelf space in leading supermarkets in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the American and Caribbean Regions.


Food Service Division

Increasing popularity for fusion and ethnic foods, consumers wanting more control over diets and looking for new taste experiences and traditional cuisine receiving less importance have given way to a variety of ethnic dishes creating demand for coconut-kernel based food ingredients worldwide.


Ingredients Division

Renuka Ingredients Division provides total coconut based food ingredient solutions to food producers, confectioneries, beverage manufacturers, bakers and caterers. Be it the existing comprehensive product range or development of a customized coconut-based formulation, Renuka Coconut Ingredients Team has the ability, capability and flexibility to readily meet such requirements. After decades of successful research and development studies Renuka has culminated a variety of innovative derivatives of the nature's Miracle Nut, the Coconut.


Organic Division

Pioneer exporters in value added Organic coconut products and largest in terms of organic cultivation though its group companies Renuka Agri Foods PLC , Renuka Agri Organics Ltd and Kandy Plantations Ltd.