Our Facilities

Plantations and Factories


Renuka Agri Foods PLC, Renuka Agri Organics Ltd, Renuka Organics Ltd are located within a radius of 35km from Colombo (the Capital). Furthermore we are a vertically integrated organization having our own nucleus plantations and a network of out-growers in the coconut growing district through our subsidiary Kandy Plantations Ltd. Renuka Organics Ltd is the administrator of our Organic Certified products.




Our quality measures are of stringent standards and are not compromised at any point. Since we supply to reputed supermarkets, distributors and regions such as Europe and American continent we maintain and adhere to all aspects of quality from the raw material purchase to delivery of goods.


Our factories are equipped with in house laboratories and qualified technicians to foresee all matters related to quality control before, during and after production and also have obtained the following certifications.


Renuka Agri Foods PLC is involved in continuous R&D activities to produce novel value-added coconut kernel products.  Innovation has been a key strength of the company thus enabling entry into profitable niche markets.


Fully equipped R&D laboratories carry out R&D functions based on an annual calendar.  All successful products are approved for commercial manufacturing upon completion of test marketing. 


Furthermore, qualified company food technologists render consulting services regarding proper application of products, their adaptation to the manufacturing methods of customers and work together for introduction of new coconut kernel based products